Our quotation is only for immediate acceptance.

  1. Unless included in the price, a separate charge may be made sufficient to compensate for any tax, excise, duty or levy now or hereafter enacted or imposed by any governmental authority which we may be required to pay or collect on the manufacture, sale, delivery and use of any item delivered pursuant to an order.
  2. Products manufactured by us are warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and materials, but are not guaranteed for any specific length of time or measure of service.
  3. It is extremely difficult to manufacture the exact quantity ordered, therefore it is agreed that a shortage or excess in count varying not more than ten percent from the quantity ordered will be accepted.
  4. On all orders to be delivered within a specified time, it is agreed that any part of goods remaining on hand on date shall be shipped and billed without further notice.
  5. Orders accepted by seller are not subject to cancellation nor the work subject to delay by buyer except with hand written consent of and on terms satisfactory to seller. Verbal alterations or modifications discussed between buyer and seller’s representatives, either now or hereafter, shall not be binding on seller. Upon default in payment of any part of buyer’s indebtedness to seller, the entire sum shall than become immediately due and payable.
  6. Daily interest, commensurate with the prevailing prime rate, is to be collected if account is carried past due date. Open orders may be held up or cancelled by the seller if the buyer’s responsibility becomes questionable at any time. Work thereon shall be continued only upon satisfactory assurances being given as to buyer’s responsibility.
  7. It is not the intention of the seller to manufacture any product that may be constructed as infringement of a patented article. If any infringement exists or if it appears that infringement might develop, the seller reserves the right to withdraw the quotation. In any event, buyer hereby agrees to fully protect seller against damages through litigation pertaining to products especially made to buyer’s specifications.
  8. The failure upon our part to insist upon a strict performance of any of the terms and conditions herein shall not be deemed to be waiver of such terms of conditions or of any rights or remedies which we may have in demanding strict performance of all the terms and conditions therein contained.

Quotations are valid for thirty days from the date of issue.

Tooling Terms: ⅓ due with order, ⅓ due at mold completion and submission of samples, and ⅓ due at sample approval.


Designing and Manufacturing Seals and Sealing Solutions


Designing and Manufacturing Seals and Sealing Solutions While relatively small in cost, seals are often the most important components in a product, system or assembly. Our engineering team understands that seals must be carefully designed and manufactured to ensure optimal performance in their application. Sealing applications generally fall into one of three groups: Static –...

What ESOP Means For You


What ESOP Means For You As participants in our ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan), employees of Robin Industries become more closely aligned with the performance of our company and through this benefit, are more closely connected with Robin’s success. To be successful, it is simple; we put our customers first. In the season of giving...

Product Development at Robin


Product Development at Robin… Robin Industries Development Center (RDC) is our state of the art facility where key technical resources are combined in one location to serve as a focal point for new projects with our customers. Regardless of the market in which the product may be used, the Development Center will support the program...

Visit our trade show booth


Visit our trade show booth Robin presents its latest products and technologies at all the trade shows we exhibit. We give you an opportunity to learn what we may do to meet your design and production challenges. At the shows, we bring our experts in the various industries we service. Face to face interaction can...

What is LSR and What is So Great About It?


What is LSR and What is So Great About It? LSR (Liquid silicone rubber molding) is often used for medical technologies and is one of Robin’s manufacturing specialties. Many LSR materials are biocompatible, and some grades have been approved specifically for implants. Devices made from LSR are temperature stable (in heat or cold), and can...

Celebrates 70 Years of Growth


Celebrates 70 Years of Growth This year marks the 70th year of business for Robin Industries as a high quality custom molder of elastomers and plastics. Robin was started with grit and determination by Mr. Fred Nonneman in 1948. It has grown from its humble beginnings into a world class company serving automotive, medical, defense...

Improving productivity, efficiency and quality with advanced 3D technology


Improving productivity, efficiency and quality with advanced 3D technology Robin Industries is now utilizing a high-end 3D printer. This 3D production system is capable of printing Nylon, ABS, Polycarbonate and High temperature Ultem materials and has a large printing area of 16” x 14’ x 16”. Having this ability to print multiple materials allows Robin...

“CHARGE” with molded components for electric vehicles


Robin Industries is leading the “CHARGE” with molded components for electric vehicles… Electric and hybrid vehicles today are increasingly making their way into the lineup of every automotive OEM. Known for their environmental friendliness and fuel-efficient characteristics, these vehicles are becoming more accepted and they promise to change the way we drive in the future....