Robin Industries is leading the “CHARGE” with molded components for electric vehicles…

Electric and hybrid vehicles today are increasingly making their way into the lineup of every automotive OEM. Known for their environmental friendliness and fuel-efficient characteristics, these vehicles are becoming more accepted and they promise to change the way we drive in the future.

The addition of ever developing autonomous vehicles has resulted in the need for more and more electronics and electrical components on modern vehicle platforms. Robin Industries has been on the cutting edge of these developments, working with major vehicle manufacturers for the design and implementation of molded components in support of increasing vehicle electrification.

We have been working with traditional OEM’s (such as Ford, GM and FCA), as well as newer companies (such as Rivian, Tesla and Karma) on both hybrid electric and full electric vehicle platforms.

While grommets, seals and other molded components for electric vehicles have many similarities to those of the traditional gas combustion vehicles, there are some distinct requirements that must be considered. These include the need for low carbon content materials to help reduce potential conductivity, as well as specialized materials developed to withstand higher temperature environments. Different sizes and shapes of components are also sometimes required to accommodate larger battery cables, etc.

As always, Robin works closely with OEM design engineers to tailor specific solutions that will best serve customer needs and meet all specialized vehicle requirements. Our experience with the rapidly expanding hybrid and electric vehicle segments allows us to be a key supplier integral to the success of these programs.

We are proud to contribute our expertise for new vehicle technologies that will lead to a better environment for all!

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