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3D printing, quality assurance, testing and material capabilities for applications

Robin utilizes advanced technologies to assist our customers and ensure that they receive the highest quality components


3D Printing

Robin has invested in a high end 3D printing equipment that is currently capable of printing Nylon, ABS, Polycarbonate and High temperature Ultem materials.

Having the ability to print multiple materials allows Robin to better simulate how actual component will function in the intended applications and to provide quicks amples for basic evaluations. In addition, temporary molds can be printed to allow molding of certain parts in low quantities.


State-of-the-art Vision Systems


Material Advancements

  • Material standardization
  • Development for temperature extremes
  • More compact design for weight reductions and lower specific gravities
  • Development for improved elongation, deflection, or other desired material properties
  • Lubricious materials to aid in assembly and for functional purposes
  • Ability to develop custom formulations to meet customer specific applications


Designing, Prototyping, Molding, Overmolding, Processe