From Product Development to a High Quality End Product

Our Process

Robin Industries is a custom molder offering complete solutions to the most demanding applications


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Complete Program Management

Robin Industries offers comprehensive program management from early concept design all the way through to full production. A Program Manager is assigned to every major project to ensure a smooth and efficient flow, as well as continuous interface with the customer.

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Design and Development

As a custom molder, our strength lies in our ability to offer engineered solutions to stringent applications. Our experienced design engineers and chemists can provide recommendations for component designs and materials that meet the most challenging requirements.

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Material Formulation

Robin Industries offers a very wide and diverse array of material formulations for both elastomers and plastics. We have experience with virtually all molded materials, which are available to suit a wide variety of specifications.

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Tooling Development

Robin has experienced tool designers who develop and monitor tool configurations from start to finish. We utilize both in-house tool manufacture and close outside partners to ensure the highest quality tooling is used in the manufacture of our products.

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Expedited Prototyping

We know that timing is often critical in the early stages of manufacture and our Robin Development Center is extremely responsive in the development of prototypes. 3D printing and other state of the art manufacturing methods are utilized to enable prototyping in very short periods of time to best meet customer requirements.

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Manufacturing Optimization

As a custom molder, Robin engineers, while working on product and tool designs, always consider the best ways to properly optimize the eventual full-scale manufacture of any product. We are often able to recommend ways to improve customer product performance and/or save costs through component design, materials utilized and improved manufacturing efficiencies.

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Testing and Validation

Robin offers complete testing and validation services, whether in-house at our Robin Development Center or with specialized outside test facilities. We can assist with evaluation of test requirements and make recommendations for meeting validation specifications.

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Quality Control

Quality control is of the utmost importance to us and, as such, we have invested significantly to ensure that all of our processes result in the manufacture of the highest quality parts. In addition, Robin has invested heavily in complex vision systems and other equipment to attain the highest standards of quality assurance.

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Customer Support

Each customer has an account executive along with customer service support at each division, including engineers to assist as needed


Contact us for assistance with any of your molded component or sub-assembly needs. We can help, and the earlier in the design phase, the better!