Improving productivity, efficiency and quality with advanced 3D technology

Robin Industries is now utilizing a high-end 3D printer. This 3D production system is capable of printing Nylon, ABS, Polycarbonate and High temperature Ultem materials and has a large printing area of 16” x 14’ x 16”. Having this ability to print multiple materials allows Robin to better simulate how an actual component will function in the intended application.

Robin Industries purchased this equipment for many applications. The main focus is on developing a method of printing mold inserts capable of manufacturing rubber parts. The parts can be made with the intended rubber compound for the application. Robin has been successful in developing this technology and placing product into the customers hands within 2-3 days from kickoff. This technology can be used for injection, transfer and compression molding processes. Additional uses for this equipment have been printing rigid prototype components and sub-assemblies for R&D testing as well as fixtures for various operations.

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