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    Superior protection for electrical connectors

    Connector Seals

    Robin Industries is a leader in the production of sealing products that offer superior protection for electrical connectors used in automotive and other vehicle applications.

    We have years of proven expertise in the manufacture of sealing solutions for electrical connectors for automotive applications worldwide. From simple cable seals to multi-hole devices and elastomer/plastic overmolds, Robin has the experience and capabilities to provide high quality sealing solutions for the most demanding requirements.

    Importance of Seal Manufacturing
    Robin engineers are completely involved at all stages from design and material development through full scale production to ensure customer satisfaction.
    While relatively small in cost, seals are often the most important components in a product, system or assembly. Our engineering team understands that seals must be carefully designed and manufactured to ensure optimal performance in their application.

    Leading full-service designer and manufacturer of seals
    Since 1948, Robin Industries offers a broad range of capabilities, and continually implements new technologies to meet the changing needs of our customers. From Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to state of art visions systems this footprint makes Robin Industries an exceptional resource for your sealing solutions.


    Contact us for assistance with your project needs.
    We can help, and the earlier in the design phase, the better!